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Learn English and German online with a private teacher.
Fast, efficient, comfortable.

Business English / Business German

Today English or German are often required for the interesting jobs. If you don’t want to miss your chances and improve your language for work reasons, a Business Course is the right choice.

Online courses

Learn without leaving the comfort of your home and without spending time in traffic. Do your language learning online, it is flexible, fast and efficient.








Your way

Language Courses

Business English and Business German

To improve your Business English or Business German we will work with material that you can immediatly apply at work. I have worked extensively with successful business people (entrepreneurs, employees but also in leading management positions) to help them reach their goals or prepare them for their next career step.

Conversation Courses

The best way to learn a language and to feel safe with it is: talking! Unfortunatley many schools don’t practice conversation, or the kind of conversation is not natural or helpful. Conversation Classes are also perfect when you are preparing for an important business or academic presentation. Some hours of conversation will prepare you perfectly.

Test Preparation

Preparation classes for officially recognized language tests like TOEFL, IELTS, ZD or ZDfB. With this course you will be well prepared and ready to pass the language proficiency test of your choice.

Intensive Language Courses

Sometimes there is the need to study a language fast. Because you were just accepted in a study-abroad-program and need to improve your foreign language skill, or because there is a job offering in exactly the field you want. Don’t worry. We can improve your language skills significantly in a short time.

Course Types

Courses via Skype & Google Hangout

Study the language you want from the comfort of your home without spending time in traffic or waiting at school. Online classes are perfect for individuals and for small groups of up to four people. They are highly flexible and efficient.

In-House training for companies

As an employee you can study without leaving your workplace. I give individual courses and courses for small groups in the facility where you work, currently in Santos, São Paulo and the ABC region.

Café and Bar Courses

Some students make the experience that they speak well inside the classroom, but they have problems when they leave the school. This is not surprising, because our brain gets used to doing things in certain environments. Leaving the classroom to study in a “normal” place like a bar or a café can make a big difference. It also offers a relaxed atmosphere to work.

Private Courses

Study according to your own speed, schedule and interests. This is the most individual and most efficient way to learn a language, and for many it is the fastest way too.

Small Group Courses

Small groups of up to four students guarantee that every learner receives the necessary attention and that no learner is left behind in the class progress.

Classes via mobile phone

You don’t have time to go to a school, but you spend time in traffic every day? Use this time to improve your language skills.

Where do you want your language skills to be?

  • Speaking 100%
  • Writing 100%
  • Listening 100%
  • Reading 100%

Hear what some of my clients say…

Very efficient!

“I had to improve my English for an important meeting at my company. I didn’t have much time. We worked for three weeks with emails from work and with study material that I could use at work immediatly. It was very efficient.”

Claudio B., Brazil

Business English

It is so much fun…

“I hate learning vocabulary and grammar. We used songs and books I like, as well as  videos from Youtube. I have a lot of fun. I never thought that learning German could be so much fun.”

Martin S., USA

German Conversation

I learned so fast!

“First I wanted only conversation classes to improve my talking skill. But in three months with Dominik I have learned more than in three years at my previous school. After 4 months I quit my school and I never felt any regrets.”

Daniel S, Brazil

English Conversation

If you have any question

The first class is free of charge. Get into contact to schedule your free class…

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